what our clients think 

Sam, 40 - highly motivated

Jacqui, 46 - longest plank record holder at 7m 45s.

Heath, 47. Lost over 45kgs and trekked the Kokoda Trail in 2016.


"I never thought I could run and now I love running. It's just so amazing. It is something I never ever thought I could do...he was able to talk me through and help me get rid of those demons and the biggest demon when losing weight is in your mind."  

Jo, 45 - Never thought she would could run

"I work as a GP and I was giving a lot of advice to my patients on being healthy and active. Then I realised I was contradicting myself by just sitting in the office and not doing anything...I have achieved certain results and I'm quite happy with those...I definitely want to achieve more."  

Sumit, GP Doctor at Norwest General Practice