Fitness coaching

Do you want to be

If so, our Fitness Coaching program is RIGHT for you!

45min sessions of intense varied workouts, focused specifically to YOUR fitness level and pushing you to achieve your personal best. With over 5 years experience, and the latest in exercise techniques and equipment, get the 1-on-1 personal focus that you need to achieve the body shape you deserve.

  • Give your fitness everything you've got with these high intensity HIIT, weight and cardio workouts.
  • Constructed by highly educated qualified fitness coach to ensure the effectiveness and safety of every move. 
  • We can work around injury or health concerns and focus on improvement exercises where possible.
  • We'll gradually increase the intensity of your workouts as you get stronger, fitter and faster and will reliably keep you performing at your best to gain increased and closely measured results.

Mobile 'at home or work'  training services are available on request for an additional fee.
Specific male or female trainer requests can be accommodated.

I’ve been training with Catalyst PHD trainers for over 3 years. They have assisted me in reaching my goal weight and maintaining that weight. They have also assisted me increasing my level of fitness. They are very professional and supportive. I look forward in continuing my training with Jeff and Bec.
— Steph, 42