meet our expert coaches

At Catalyst PHD we like our Fitness Coaches to have a high level of university education... We want to have as much experience and knowledge as we can to make sure we know exactly what we are doing, exactly how the body moves, how to prevent people from getting injured and how to get the most out of their training.
— Jeff Laurence, Head Coach

Jeff Laurence - Head Coach


Bachelor of Health, Macquarie University

Diploma in Fitness

Certificate III & IV in Fitness

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer 

Diploma in Remedial Massage

Wellness Coach Level 1 & 2


10 years of Personal Training

Weight Watchers Slimmer of the Year - Lost over 30kgs 

Muscle Building - Gained 15kgs of muscle

8 years of Muay Thai Kick-boxing training

Champion of 2 Professional Muay Thai Kick-boxing fights

4 years of CrossFit training



Weight loss

Muscle gain

Body toning



Life coaching

Remedial massage



"The secret to getting ahead is GETTING STARTED"

Rebecca Daher - Fitness Coach


Bachelor of Applied Science (Sport & Exercise Science)

Master Trainer Level 1 

Certificate III & IV in fitness

Approved Exercise Scientist + ESSA member


3 years of Personal Training

500+ hours Personal Training with Special Populations 

Division 1 Soccer

Group fitness trainer



Metabolic calculations


Weight loss

Muscle gain

Training elderly

Rehabilitation training


"The time is now. If you are waiting for a sign… THIS IS IT!"