Personal Trainer vs Fitness Coach

Is there a better way to get results?

Let's set the record straight. Here are the differences you should know when looking for professional support on your fitness journey.

A Personal Trainer is the most popular role chosen by fitness professionals. They allocate and supervise exercises, make appropriate corrections and modifications, and will look after their clients from week to week. A Personal Training qualification provides instruction for 6-12 weeks and are run online and on campus. 

A Fitness Coach’s responsibility is far more in-depth with a long term vision for clients. Like a Personal Trainer, they help clients with their exercises and technique, but in addition, they give clients all the support, guidance and motivation they need to keep them on track to achieve their goals. They also provide advanced fitness assessments, fitness programming and advice aimed at supporting their clients through their different challenges and goals. Training qualification provides instruction for at least 1 year and are run only on campus. 

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A Mind + Body Coach incorporates the latest coaching methods to body transformations, a shift in attitude and mindset. In addition to physical training and assessments, Mind + Body Coaches use personal development strategies to influence an enduring commitment to self-discipline and achievement. Moving into a highly motivated and dedicated head-space, clients are empowered to change the way they think and feel towards living a healthy lifestyle and set plans to incorporate healthy habits needed into their lifestyle to help them achieve their goal. They also work to overcome any emotional feelings of resistance, stress or frustration making them want to give up and stop them from achieving and will celebrate and recognise personal milestone achievements when they occur.

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blog post: Oct 21; Author: Vicki Richardson; Title:Fitness Coach vs Personal Trainer.